Can you really remove plaque from your arteries and make your heart healthy again?


A billion dollar industry is devoted entirely to this one problem…


…and they’ve yet to figure out the problem.


But now a breakthrough discovery claims that removing one single ingredient from your diet, can literally force your cholesterol level to plummet.


And here’s the weird part…


Most people DON’T know they’re ingesting this substance.


They have no idea that with every meal they are literally killing themselves.


So it doesn’t matter if you’re eating, “Healthy” because it makes no difference at all.


In fact, when you cut out this ingredient you can eat almost anything you like including thick juicy steaks, butter and fat. What’s more, once you remove it, your arteries will begin to immediately clear, and you’ll experience physical and mental energy like never before.


Even better than that, you’ll be able to flush your cholesterol medication down the toilet, saving yourself thousands of dollars in the process (Plus you’ll never have to visit another Doctor ever again.)


The reason why this works, is because almost everything you’ve been told about cholesterol and heart disease is WRONG.


You’ve been tricked by the medical industry into believing a pack of lies, so that you waste your money on worthless medications.


But recent research has discovered that 75% of men who had heart attack already HAD low cholesterol. Not only, it was found that statins were almost completely useless and did NOTHING to stop coronary heart disease.


And believe it or not, statins can actually lead to a build-up of plaque in your arteries…


…plus lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.


This sounds incredible but it’s true, and it’s not the only thing they’re lying about.


And here’s what you ultimately need to realize.


The goal shouldn’t be to lower your cholesterol…this is a waste of time.


All you need to do is clear out your arteries…


…and it’s as easy as removing this ingredient from your diet.


And here’s where the story becomes even more bizarre…


…because there’s a Hollywood connection.


You see, have you ever wondering how so many actors, politicians and rock stars (Who lead lives of excess far beyond what most can imagine) seem to go on living forever?


It’s because they have access to superior medical knowledge…and they know ALL about this ingredient.


I don’t want to say too much right now, because this topic is highly sensitive.


All I can say is that you NEED to go here now and watch this video


It explains everything.


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